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uPgrade your drywall and more!
Magnesiacore Inc.


 ... the economically viable alternative to drywall and plasterboard ©


Introducing Magnesiacore™ Your one solution for many of your construction needs! Using magnesium oxide cement  we create unique and versatile board materials that are non-combustible, hard, paperless and more inert than traditional panels made from gypsum, cement, clay, wood or paper 

Magnesiacore™ offers superior qualities that make indoor and outdoor construction longer lasting, easier and faster to do with less training


Upgrade your construction panel materials to Magnesiacore

Buy Direct - We Deliver

USE 9mm (~3/8") Magnesiacore instead of 5/8" (~16mm) gypsum drywall
USE 9mm (~3/8") Magnesiacore instead of 1/2" (~12mm) cement board
USE 12mm (~1/2") Magnesiacore instead of 5/8" (~16mm) particleboard

for an environmentally friendly, salt, fire, moisture, heat and mold resistant construction board that insects and rodents can't feed on, and a better impact resistant, sound attenuating material

Magnesiacore systems result in state of the art walls, decks and roofs ideal for construction environments from the tropical to the tundra.

Benefits & Advantages

Whether you are building a natatorium, redoing your indoor swimming pool drywall ceiling or ceiling tile, wainscoting parts of your home or spa, or just redoing your basement paneling or garage walls, magnesiacore technology can help you with a better, faster, and easier DIY job.

A new superior non-combustible construction board material with numerous applications in commercial projects of all kinds

Experience a revolutionary improvement in your construction projects with Magnesiacore™ Technology! Our innovative board material offers a solid alternative to traditional gypsum drywall and cement board, providing a hard, long-lasting surface that looks and feels like hard cement plastering. But unlike its counterparts, Magnesiacore™ is fireproof and resistant to damage from water, humidity, freezing, organisms, chlorine, salt, and more. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, Magnesiacore™ is the ideal wallboard for pool buildings, garages, kitchens, wet areas, and any other high-demand areas. Upgrade your construction with Magnesiacore

Magnesiacore™ board in sheet panels can be applied to wood structures, metal framing, steel structures, and masonry work using a variety of mechanical fasteners such as screws, bolts, rivets, brads, staples, and nails. It can also be easily laminated over existing surfaces using adhesives and cements. With Magnesiacore™, you can customize your construction project to your specific needs and preferences, using a variety of joint fillers for different levels of resistance. Whether you're looking for a durable and long-lasting surface or a versatile and adaptable solution, Magnesiacore™ has your solution!

As a component for Light Steel Framing, Magnesiacore™ Technology! allows buildings to be taller, bigger, and lighter than ever before, with faster construction times and more options in thickness for both interior and exterior applications. Whether you're building a commercial or residential property, Magnesiacore™ is the ideal solution for your construction needs. Our board material can be left natural or with clear sealers or finished as needed, giving you the flexibility to customize your building's appearance to your desired look and specifications

A faster and better alternative to lathing and plastering; magnesiacore can be installed with taped joints like a drywall, gyprock or plasterboard; or spliced using specific fillers without taping; or with "T&G" tongue and grooved joints without any filling or taping... to save time for plaster tough walls at a fraction of the cost. A great substrate to receive exterior and interior decorative coatings directly to its surface

Magnesiacore can be screwed in place with wood screws and/or quickly and strongly fastened with pneumatic guns using brads, staples or nails with less filling. Most laminating adhesives work better on magnesiacore. Excellent soundproofing qualities. Unique attractive economical seamless commercial grade acoustical flooring. Can be installed floating over regular adhesives, or use our Acoustical Goo for better isolated mass dampening of ambient sound levels. Perfect for making flush seamless floor joints that prevents dirt build-up and permits easy maintenance for machine polishing and waxing. For a mezzanine assembly magnesiacore provides a non-combustible cementitious slab over steel structures

For incredibly fast dry wallboarding that can be installed and painted within hours using fast setting fillers trimmed with a sharp blade (reducing sandpaper and sanding). Fillers can be cut flush without a tape over the panel joints and without needing corner-bead, metal trims etc. while giving you perfectly true square corners and edges naturally. Panels can be spliced between studs without landing joints over studs. i.e., using strips of magnesiacore behind the seam as a back-blocking splicer stapled or screwed together results in seamless flush joints on the front. 

A concrete-hard dry wall material ideal for high impact areas, hot wet and humid areas; to receive paint directly or as a wall tile or floor tile backerboard. A backerboard that provides a 3000 PSI (20MpA) strong substrate for floor and wall tile, screwed or nailed in place without pre-drilling or laminated in layers to obtain any thickness. When nailed in place with a light brad nail gun a whole room can be made ready to tile in minutes. Every thickness from 6mm to 20mm can be nailed in place to wood studs, plywood subfloors, particleboards, OSB... even magnesiacore to magnesiacore with pneumatically applied brads.

Salt (sodium chloride) brines and salt water
Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) & related pool chemicals
Ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) & related cleaning chemicals
Exposure to water, moisture and cycles of freeze & thaw
Changes in temperature up to 1,500F or 800C
Repeated wetting and drying or freezing and thawing
Swelling, losing strength or deterioration
Molds, mildew, bacteria, fungus, termites, rodents & other organisms
Fire and Impact damage

Non-combustible class A building material - 3000PSI (20MpA)
Breathable and porous for strong coating and adhesive bond
Ideal for basements, garages, washrooms, wet areas and the drywall for pool ceiling and wallboarding
For ALL residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction
Perfect for adding fireproofing to wood frame construction and elsewhere
Excellent acoustic dampening material with higher density and elasticity
Refractory material for infrared radiation (heat) assisting to reduce loss of energy when heating or cooling by reducing conductivity
Non-hazardous, natural, non-toxic and disposable as crushable clean fill
Environmentally friendly and produced without wasting large amounts of fossil fuel or releasing significant CO2 into the atmosphere in production
Available in chalk white and slate grey, custom colors and pre-cut sizes
Stronger and more rigid to allow thinner material to do the same job
Easier to work with using all types of hand tools and wood working equipment but also can be cut with a quick score and snap faster than drywall


Lighter than cement board; Smoother than drywall; More flexible than cement board; More rigid than drywall; and more inert than cement board, drywall or wood based board materials.

Magnesiacore's ceramic-like properties make it superior to cement board, calcium silicate boards, water resistant drywall, gyprock, gypsum board, plywood and particle board in diverse applications. Available in millimetre increment thickness from 3mm (1/8") to 20mm (7/8") and any size up to 4' x 8' (122cm x 244xm) standard. 4' x 10' (122cm x 305cm) is available by special order.

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