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Magnesiacore Projects Gallery
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Commercial Building designed and built with magnesiacore technology inside and outside:
Exterior panel system using square 4' x 4' (122x122cm) panels, mechanically fastened to metal framing with screws and flexible caulked joints. Exterior decorative coating applied directly without plaster base coat. Self countersunk screws, efficient secure flexible mechanical fastening. 18mm (3/4") in floor panels on metal joists @ 30cm (12") o/c engineered floor system. Natural true square corners. Interior ceiling bulkheads with magnesiacore used as drywall. One material for the whole project, maximizing dry construction with speed, precision and efficiency.

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Non-combustible hotel construction application:

A hotel roof structure made with engineered metal framing and metal deck with non-combustible 15mm (~5/8") magnesiacore applied over it with self-countersink screws. Asphalt shingles are applied to magnesiacore using crown roofing staples (like those used on plywood). Plywood was not permitted in the non-combustible roof structure, as in new multi story hotels.

Non-combustible Film Sets and Stage:

We are once again proud to be used in building notable film sets for Carrie (2013 film) by MGM & Screen Gems Production, for the remake of the 1976 thriller of the original Stephen King novel.

Magnesiacore was used for building film sets to undergo pyrotechnical special effects in the making of the Jim Sheridan film Dream House (2011), a Universal Pictures & Morgan Creek Production Our product and technical recommendations saved the set crew significant time and money building safer, reusable non-combustible film sets. Ask us about solutions for your non-combustible staging needs!

Restaurant exterior cladding with magnesiacore and stucco:

Working in extreme cold from -10C to -25C makes using wet plaster risky. Chemically cured or heated wet plaster avoids freezing but can give unpredictable results. Magnesiacore applied with screws make cold temperatures irrelevant to making a good stucco base. Perfectly smooth, uniform and consistent quality regardless of working temperatures. Exterior texture coating spray-applied or rolled-on. Self-countersunk screws for flexible fasteners. Natural corners without metal trim to risk rust that weakens the system. Installed in a ratio of three day's worth of labor (when using magnesiacore dry panels) instead of three weeks to do wet plastering. Perfect stucco rendering without plaster trowel marks, undulation and uncertainty of wet plaster.

Antiquities restoration project:
Magnesiacore was trusted to provide the restorative and protective finish to help preserve a medieval structure and protect ancient art and artifacts within this historic building part of the architectural treasure within the famous Piazza San Marco of Venice Italy.

High Quality Historical Buildings:
These old museums achieve very detailed wall work in lieu of using a cement plaster or masonry and whenever paper or plastic faced materials will be insulting to the areas architecture:

Sea Side Hotel Construction:

Magnesiacore was selected for its natural resistance to salt damage and ocean humidity for the facade of this new beach front luxury hotel.

Facility Facade & Interior Makeover Material:
Magnesiacore was selected for its impact and damage resistance to clad the walls of this sport stadium.

Commercial Store Facade Makeover:
Two layer system, with one layer of magnesiacore over a second layer. Exterior decorative coating applied directly without wet plaster base coat. Self-countersunk screw mechanical fastening. Natural corners without metal trim to rust or weaken the system. Faster installation using a ratio of three day's labor when using magnesiacore dry panels instead of three weeks to do wet plaster. Perfect stucco renderings without plaster trowel marks, undulations and the uncertainty associated with curing wet applied cement plaster.

The one layer panel system








For Commercial Soffits








For Highly Detailed Wall and Ceiling Works:

Work in three dimensions by cutting and laminating. Unlimited fine details made possible by layering solid magnesiacore material.

Encapsulating to Reduce Demolition, Disposal and Removal:

Applied over existing materials to receive new finishing and roofing.

Industrial Non combustible Wallboarding:

For Below Ground Construction:

Above Ground Construction:

Exterior Building Makeover Systems:

Non-insulated solid masonry building covered with insulation, reflective foil wrap, then magnesiacore board and finishing system.

Balcony railing and divider infill panels:

Pre-finished aluminum sheets laminated to magnesiacore, allowing texture coating to match the building facade on the exterior side.

Pool Room Wall and Ceiling Board:
Mixed natural wood and panel finishes for an enclosed residential pool room subject to high humidity, chlorine, mold  damage in the closed space of a very cold climate. Interior walls and ceiling sections done in magnesiacore, jointed and filled with highly resistant filler. Cedar strips used on slopes. Decorative coating applied directly without wet plaster base coat.

High-Rise Apartment Low Impact Flooring

High-rise Apartment Buildings often require carpeted areas to reduce noise transmission from upper to lower floors. This video shows a penthouse suite having its carpeting removed and replaced with a hard, painted magnesiacore surface. Two layers of magnesiacore glued together over the original cushion underpad. Magnesiacore lets hard flooring (painted, ceramic tiles, etc.) comply with most noise rules of multi-story condominium buildings.

Painted Magnesiacore Floor 2
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Commercial Flooring:

Unique commercial flooring installations installed with a floating adhesive system. Application with Acoustical Goo to increase sound dampening. 9mm (3/8") white and grey in large 4' x 8' and 32" x 48" panels. Adhered to existing wood subfloor without surface fasteners.

Basement Dry Floor Subfloor:
1/4" Magnesiacore is applied in two layers, glued and stapled together into a 1/2" solid floating concrete-dense mass. Here it was applied over a thick waterproof foam insulation to further combat an existing damp basement, and finished with a snap-together pre-finished plank flooring. An insulated dry floor that won't rot while providing high sound dampening, made this new warm and quiet basement family room.

Blending ancient and modern:

Centuries-old timbers reclaimed from a church demolition, reconfigured to build a shelter canopy with magnesiacore over the ancient hardwood superstructure. Magnesiacore is used in a sandwich panel with torch-applied asphaltic membrane roofing over the top layer. On the bottom panel, a penetrating stain is applied to blend the visible layer of panels with the exposed dark ancient wood structure. The result is an ancient-looking brand new structure built with modern materials and methods.

Bathroom, Shower Wall, Ceiling Board - Case Study:

Retail customer goes to the local building supply to pick up cement board and drywall to do a new bathroom interior for his house. While there he saw the magnesiacore mock-up and samples and chose magnesiacore 1/2" (12mm) white for the whole bathroom instead. By doing this he eliminated the use of several dissimilar materials in drywall and cement board and avoiding transition joints between painted and tiled surfaces to reduce waste. No transition required between paint and tiled surfaces. One board material to do the whole bathroom instead of two or three.

Kitchen Countertop - Case Study:

Old shop kitchen counter covered with magnesiacore over existing particleboard using brad nails. New countertop base for application of mosaic, ceramic, or stone tiles.

Ceramic Floor Tile Underlayment over Plywood Subfloor:

3/8" (9mm) magnesiacore, scored and snap to size, replaces the old stapled down wire lath and scratch coat. Received new granite tiles with less mess and downtime waiting for scratch coats.

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