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Magnesiacore Indoor Pool Drywall and Ceilings: a True Marine Wallboard

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When it comes to indoor pools, natatoriums, or other enclosed spaces with high humidity and chemical exposure, you need a construction board that can withstand the elements.  

Our innovative wallboarding systems are safe from damage by salt, chlorine, and other chemical-laden water moisture. Magnesiacore's unique and versatile properties also make it easy to achieve aesthetically pleasing finishing details such as geometric tile patterns, board and batten, jointed or seamless finishes, and mixed media without changing substrates.

A pool drywall solution suitable for any framing material, including wood, metal, or masonry, that results in truly seamless walls with perfectly flush joints. This eliminates points of failure common with other boarding systems, and provides a resistant interior enclosure ready for paint, textured coatings, or adhesives for tile and laminates.


Institutional natatorium facilities wall and ceiling material: 

Magnesiacore is trusted for some of the largest modern aquatic buildings and wellness centers, providing high-quality, long-lasting results in these very demanding aquatic/marine environments. Used for all the walls and ceilings pictured here.

Residential pool room walls and ceilings:

Mixed natural wood and panel finishes for an enclosed residential pool room subject to high humidity, chlorine, and mold damage in an enclosed space, essential in colder climates. Interior walls and ceiling sections here are done in magnesiacore, jointed and filled with highly resistant filler. Decorative coating applied directly without needing a plaster base coat.

Highly resistant wallboarding for exotic fish breeding and saltwater reef grow operation: 

This interior wallboarding project uses Magnesiacore to resist the harsh and demanding indoor environment required for elaborate salt water aquarium tank habitats with treated water, air piping, and auto control systems, accommodating all water and air piping, automatic environmental control systems, and access panel ways.

Magnesiacore is ideal for use as a drywall in other marine environments, providing a safe and durable sheetrock option that does not chemically react with salt-laden air or ocean spray. With suitable joint fillers and coatings, our marine drywall solutions are easy to apply and provide novel architectural solutions.

Magnesiacore pool area drywall is essential for use in indoor swimming pool ceilings and walls, as well as natatorium, change rooms, and pool house interiors with our comprehensive construction details. Contact us by email 24/7 for additional information or questions. We can provide the perfect drywall solution for your indoor pool or marine environment.

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